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HYCM MT4 Mobile is a state-of-the-art mobile trading app.

It is seamlessly integrated into your HYCM MT4 account. Now you can view prices, monitor your account information in real-time, access charting and news feeds, and execute trades on the go from your mobile device. Now available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Just download the app enter your login details and you are ready to go. Feel the power of MT4 on your phone and stay connected to the market and never miss a trading opportunity again.

Features and functions

  • Live streaming tradable prices for all products
  • Open and close market orders and place and amend limit and pending orders
  • Advanced charting
  • Monitor and manage open positions, equity and exposure
  • Generate full trade histories

Please Note: HYCM MT4 Mobile Trading is only compatible with MT4 trade accounts
Now available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. For instructions on how to get started, please click on your device type below:


How to install:

1. Visit the Apple App Store from your iPhone/iPad and search for'HYCM MT4', by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

2. Proceed to install app. Once installed, load the application,

How to load your trade account:

1. Go to 'Accounts', and tap the 'plus' icon in the top right hand corner. Select 'Login to existing account'.

2. Search for 'HYCM', to access the HY Investment server. Select 'Live' or 'Demo', as appropriate.

3. Enter your login credentials and begin trading.

Go to iPhone/iPad User Guide >>

Android users can install the app in a few ways.

Methods to install:

A) Via Google play
1. Open and visit the Google play from your device, click on the search icon (magnify glass), enter'HYCM MT4', by metaquotes software corp,

2. Then click on the install (free) button, read the access permissions, click "OK" to download and the app will be installed automatically onto your device.

B) Via Desktop
Click here to download the .apk files onto your desktop. Before attempting a manual installation of apps using the .apk files, you must first allow your phone to install from "Unknown Sources" (i.e. non-Market apps). To do this, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked "Unknown Sources". Next install File Manager (e.g. ASTRO File Manager) which allows you to browse data on your SD card. When you have your File Manager installed, connect your Android device to your PC using your USB cable, mount the SD card and copy over the .apk file you would like to install. Then on your Android device, navigate to the .apk file using File Manager and select it. This will open a dialog box allowing you to install the app. Select "Open App Manager". Follow instructions and click "Install" and "Install" again. Your new app is now installed.

C) QR Code Scan

You must scan the above QR code with a Barcode Scanner (many are free such as Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles ). Once the QR code has been scanned, you can click on the link to download the .apk file straight to your device.

Last, install the .apk file by following the instructions that are shown on your Android device to finish the installation.


If you have trouble connecting to the servers using cellular data network (GPRS) you will have to make sure that the APN ("Access Point Name") is specified on your phone. On the device go to Settings->Wireless & Networks-> Mobile Networks then Access Point Names. Then click the menu button and select new APN. Key in the details to enable data access over mobile network. Please contact your mobile operator and ask them what the APN code is so that you can put the correct information into the field.

How to load your trade account:
1. Go to 'Accounts', and tap the 'plus' icon in the top right hand corner. Select 'Login to existing account'.
2. Search for 'HYCM', to access the HY Investment server. Select 'Live' or 'Demo', as appropriate.
3. Enter your login credentials and begin trading.

Go to Android User Guide >>
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