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HY Investment offers clients an alternative to ordinary share purchases.  All of HY Investment's equity products are structured as CFDs, which have many benefits over traditional equity trading.

CFDs on equities has been one of the fastest growing trading products for individual and institutional investors.  A CFD gives you the benefits of trading shares without having to actually buy or own the stock.  A CFD simply mirrors or tracks the movement of a particular stock or an index.  Thus, by owning a CFD on a particular stock you receive all the benefits of the underlying share including price performance and dividends.

Advantages of Equity CFDs
Sell Short / Buy Long
Because you are trading on the price movement of stocks or indices without physically owning it, it is as easy to sell (go short) as it is to buy (go long).  Going short presents you with the opportunity to profit from falling prices.  Therefore a CFD trader has the opportunity to profit from both bull and bear markets as well as short-term intra day movements.
Instant execution
CFDs allow for instant execution at the market prices provided.  This is unlike exchange-traded products which need to be confirmed depending on market conditions.
CFDs are traded on margin.  This is a more efficient use of an investors capital because you only have to allocate a small proportion of the value of your position to secure a trade, whilst still maintaining full exposure to the market.  In effect you are able to magnify the returns on your investment.
Cost Effectiveness
There is no stamp duty on CFD transactions.  Equity CFDs can be sold to lock in a profit on an equity holding without necessarily incurring a tax liability.
Benefit from Corporate Actions
Just as CFDs mirror the price and movement of the physical share market, they also mirror any corporate actions that take place in the underlying share or index.  This means that the owner of a share CFD will receive dividends, and participate in stock splits, just as they would if they owned the physical share.  The only difference is that with a CFD you are not entitled to any voting rights.
A CFD transaction is essentially no different from buying or selling a product in the physical market.  The transaction will be executed at a speed and price that is simultaneous to an identical trade in the underlying instrument.
Risk Warning: All Forex and CFD trading involves significant risk to your capital. It is possible to lose more than the amount deposited. These products may not be suitable for everyone. You should ensure you understand all of the risks and seek independent advice if necessary. Risk Warning & Disclaimer
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